Stretching with a resistance band on a body Roller aligns your body and improves your posture.  Good posture energizes your body and prevents injuries during exercise activities. 

Wrap & Roll safety cover is like an anchor that connects a resistance band to a body roller with 5.5 to 6 inches in diameter, allowing a safe and enjoyable experience during work out. This unit helps building muscles and improving posture quickly.   

Whether you are a professional athletic or not involved in any sports, this unit can keep your muscles toned and flexible while staying in great shape and posture. 

By stretching few minutes on a daily basis you will see the changes in your body.  Best push up kit that tightens ab muscles, showing compatible results. 

This simple, affordable and portable unit is a must have for an effective body rolling and stretching, wherever you go.



  • Never attempt connecting a resistance band to a body roller without using the Wrap & Roll safety cover.  An unsecured resistance band can cause serious injuries. 
  • Select lighter or heavier level of resistance band based on your personal fitness and strength. 
  • With any exercise activity consult with your health care professional to avoid associated risks. 
  • Keep face out of the direct path of the body roller while stretching. 

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