12-Loop Strap for Stretching for Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Dance, and Gymnastics

Get the ultimate stretching assistance with this multi-loop stretching strap. Extend your yoga practice or perform physical therapy exercises safely on your own. Designed for all fitness levels, the 12 loops make it easy to adjust and feel what length is right for you. Made of resilient performance fabric, each loop ensures that you are in control of your own stretch sessions so you don’t overstretch. This 8ft long stretch-out strap provides the ideal amount of resistance to support opening your body safely and with comfort.

Not to be confused with yoga straps that don’t have loops, this stretch-out strap won’t change shape or fray, or lose shape and can withstand daily use. Work your way up or down the strap as your flexibility increases or simply need to adjust during physical therapy for the ideal release every time. For added comfort, the handles won’t dig into your palms, especially when you are releasing tight problem areas. Ideal for incorporating into your regular warm-up or cool-down routines, yoga, Pilates, dance, physical therapy, gymnastics, and more!

Personalize your stretches and warm-ups securely with loops that are large enough to fit feet and hands of all sizes. The non-slip handles offer an extra layer of comfort as you increase flexibility or improve mobility with control. Now you can open up your chest, legs, back, or hips without the strap digging into your palms or ankles. Use the loops on the yoga strap as a guide while deepening poses or to prevent overstretching and injury.


  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Improves posture, flexibility, mobility, and aids in injury prevention
  • Made of durable and sturdy performance fabric
  • Handles provide non-slip support and grip

Measurements: 8'L x 1.5"W

Care: Machine wash on warm with all-purpose detergent. Tumble dry at low temperatures.

SKU: DC-450291