Pro-Tec Roller Massager with Trigger Point Release Grips
General Application: Great tool to reduce muscle tightness, soreness, and pain!
The raised Vynafoam™ sections “sink” into soft tissue to roll out tightness and the rounded grip
ends provide precision trigger point release to loosen knots in the muscle.
Medical Applications: The Roller Massager stretches muscles and tendons, breaks down soft tissue
adhesion, and soothes tight fascia while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. Deep
tissue stimulation and massage maximizes muscle performance and flexibility!
How It Works: By rolling the Roller Massager along the area of tightness, you can perform a self-
massage or Myofascial release. Myofascial release has been shown to relieve various muscle and joint
pains such as IT band syndrome and shin splints as well as improving flexibility and range of motion. A
full color instruction manual covering over 20 massage and trigger point release techniques for your entire body is included.

Available in regular and travel sizes